The Tone and Sculpt program is a 45 minute workout that opens with a stretch warm-up followed by a standing weight training segment, that works all of the major muscle groups of the upper body & back, and finishes with a floor-work segment for lower body conditioning.
Our Tone & Sculpt program can help you to:
  • Firm, Tone & Define your muscles
  • Prevent or reverse the effects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and type 2 Diabetes.
  • Develop & strengthen the muscles that support your spine.
  • Prevent the common back pain associated with improper alignment & lack of support.
  • Improve your Balance, Posture, Flexibility & overall Strength.

This program is very flexible & is well suited for both beginners and seasoned exercise buffs. The intensity of this workout varies with the amount of weight that you use.
To increase the intensity of your workout, as your fitness level improves, simply increase the amount of weight that you use by one pound at a time.
For women, 1 or 2 lb. hand weights, and for men 2 to 5 lb. hand weights, are recommended, but not required, to start this program.

Whether you are over 50 or over 60 years young, regular use of this program can help you to reduce your risk for chronic disease & enhance the quality of your life. The benefits of regular exercise for our age group are enormous.
The sooner you get started the better... Order now and your program can be shipped tomorrow. It's that easy to Be Fit Over Fifty... and this program can help you Do it.
Note: For aerobic conditioning and weight loss, it is recommended that the Tone & Sculpt program be used in combination with our Cardio-Strengthening program or a walking program. Weights are not included with this program.

Customer Comments - Note: individual results may vary*
ps: I have been using my Tone & Sculpt DVD for 4 months and have lost weight, and felt wonderful.
My daughters are so impressed with the program that they want their own copies.*

Cheryl G.
Dublin, Ohio
Hi Susan,
Thanks for your nice note and thanks for being concerned for women in our age do a great job for us over-50's.....without intimidating us. I really am enjoying the (Cardio & Tone & Sculpt ) tapes.. My time to exercise is… before work; it really makes the day better...... and your tapes really make it so enjoyable!*

All the Best,
Laura. F.
Austell, GA
Hi Susan,
I love your Tone & Sculpt tape. The tape is great and thanks so much for your help....
It is really a good tape because it just gives you enough....
I am 65...... I hate going to gyms etc...
I don't feel they concentrate on one person.....*

Thank you,
Dolores C.
Brighton, MA
I am now using your (Tone & Sculpt) tape but would like to take a DVD on vacation since these exercises have improved my back problem VERY MUCH.*

Maria M.
Cape Coral, FL
Dear Susan,
I am 45, and have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips. The cartilage has worn down so much, its almost bone rubbing on bone! I don't know how its gotten so bad…. This past summer it hurt me so bad I walked with a limp. I felt so old. Then someone told me about this arthritis web site, "Be Fit over Fifty". I ordered your Tone and Sculpt for active seniors. I work out 3 times a week......... and I feel great! Everyone that tells me about their arthritis, I tell about this tape. I am so sold on it, I have bought it for people. So I had to write and tell you how wonderful I feel since using your tape.*

Barbara S.
Levittown, NY
I have had this (Tone & Sculpt) tape for several years and love it. My sister is visiting and she loves it too. Gotta have it! You do a lot for us all!*

Keep it up!
Helen T.
Cary, NC
To: Susan
I have been using your Tone & Sculpt tape for several years. Now I'm ordering a DVD so I can use it on my lap top when I travel.*

Eugene E.
Lincoln City, OR
Subject: Your Tone & Sculpt tape is great

Dear Susan,
I am an active, 61 year old female… in the early stages of osteoporosis; I take care of my 2 yr. old grandchild and also help care for my mother in law. I don't have time to go to a gym or go for long walks, so your tapes are just what I have been looking for.

I am using your Tone & Sculpt tape and it really works for me*

Glenda. E.
Beaumont, Texas
Hi Susan
Still using your Tone & Sculpt tape (over 1 year) and I still love it.......*

As always thank you.
Dolores C.
Brighton, MA
I have LOVED your Tone and Sculpt video. It has been a good option on days when I can't make it to the pool for water aerobics or the weather is too bad for walking. It usually means I manage to exercise everyday with variety. I look forward to adding the Cardio fitness...

Thank you for such an enjoyable tape.*

Marianne S.
I love your (Tone & Sculpt & Cardio Strenthening) DVDs - they are perfectly suited to my needs - thank you!*

Once again,

Thank you!!!!
Lori Lucia
North Fork, CA