Personal Fitness DVD & Exercise Band

* Note for customers outside North America (PAL TV Format countries)

The Personal Fitness Program is a 45 minute seated exercise program. It is a good starter program for those who do not lead a very active lifestyle. It can help you to reduce the joint pain and swelling associated with arthritis, improve your strength, flexibility and overall fitness level. Regular use can also help you to prevent and or minimize the effects of type 2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis, improve your handgrip strength & mobility so that you can maintain a high level of independence. This program includes range-of-motion (stretching) exercises, strength & endurance exercises, and light cardio exercises.

This Program is a good choice for you if:
A. You are starting an exercise program later in life.
B. You are considerably overweight.
C. You have not been exercising regularly.
D. You prefer not to stand while exercising due to knee, back, or other problem areas or weaknesses.
You are never too old to obtain a positive result from exercise*. This program will gently help you get started.
Whether you are over 50 or over 70 years young, if you have not been exercising regularly, this program can help you to reduce your risk for chronic disease & enhance the quality of your life.
The sooner you get started the better...Order now and your DVD can be shipped tomorrow. It's that easy to Be Fit Over Fifty... or Over Sixty… You Can do it if you try.
Note: This DVD includes 1 exercise band. Additional exercise bands may be added to your order for $3.00 (additional band required if you plan on using this DVD with a partner). For women, 1 or 2 lb. hand weights, and for men 2 to 5 lb. hand weights, are recommended, but not required, to start this program.

Customer Comments - Note: individual results may vary*
Dear Susan,
I have been working with your Personal Fitness video for almost two weeks now and I find I couldn't get along without it.
I am 70 years old and still working as a massage therapist. It was getting a little tough doing deep work but in just this short time I have improved my strength and my touch. I am much stronger than I was 2 weeks ago…
I give all the credit to my new fitness video.*

Thank you very much.

Shirley D.
Burlington, CT
To: Susan
My husband, recently received a Personal Fitness video from you. The content of the video is excellent and we……. use it to exercise together as often as possible. It appears to be a very good thing for us 'older folk'.*

Thank you.

Janet and Paul M.
Vancouver, BC
To: Susan
Subject: My Order

Received my Personal Fitness tape... I Love this tape very much.*

Thank you,
Georgene C. G.
Archbald, PA
I'm using two of your ( Personal Fitness ) tapes with good results at our Centers…….*

Christopher A.
Health/ Wellness Promotion Specialist
Jefferson Council on Aging, Inc.
Metairie, LA
The ( Personal Fitness ) video and bands came in the mail yesterday - what fast, quick service!*

Thank you so much!
Linda B.
Garland, TX