The Cardio-Strengthening program is a 30 minute workout that starts with a stretch warm-up followed by 20 minutes of low-impact, easy to follow aerobic movements and finishes with a cool-down. This weight bearing exercise program is fun to do, the music is great, and it will make you feel so good that you will want to do it often.
Regular use of this program (3 or more times/week) will help you to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, & type 2 diabetes. improve your stamina, flexibility & balance, relieve stress, improve bone density, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and assist with weight loss.
If you are over 50 years young, this program can help you to reduce your risk for chronic disease & enhance the quality of your life. The benefits of regular exercise for people over 50 are extraordinary.
The sooner you get started the better... Order now and your program can be shipped tomorrow. It's that easy to Be Fit Over Fifty... and this program can help you Do it.
* Note:  For overall conditioning and weight loss, it is recommended that the Cardio-Strengthening program be used in combination with our Tone & Sculpt program. Weights are not used with the Cardio program.

Customer Comments - Note: individual results may vary*
Dear Susan

I have been using two of your DVDs (Cardio & the Tone and Sculpt) for the past few months. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the workouts and your guidance!. At 61, I found I was miserable using high impact workout DVDs with obnoxious music.. . . . .
I found Be Fit Over Fifty online and I am thrilled and delighted each time I do your workouts. I find I actually look forward to doing the exercise and always feel better after I finish. This says a lot! .. . . . . the music is great and your style works for me! . . . . .
Thank you so very much for putting together a gentle but vigorous program that is so pleasant to use!*

Liza M
Malvern, PA
Hi Susan:

I just wanted to let you know I recently received your Cardio Strengthening and Tone & Sculpt tapes and could not be happier.
The tapes are so easy to follow. I'm not new to exercising however, I have never found any tapes I actually enjoyed doing until now. Your instructions are great and I love the music. Thanks!*

Karen A.
Brockton, Massachusetts
Hi Susan,

I just finished… the Cardio video. It's perfect........The music is terrific.......
I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am with it.*

Thank you !

Maureen D.
Naples, FL
Dear Susan,

I really do enjoy the Cardio Strengthening DVD. It's just the right intensity and just the right length. Thank you very much. I am so glad I found you on the web!*

Fran B.
Seaford, NY
To: Susan

I purchased your Cardio Strengthening Program, Tone & Sculpt, and the Interval Circuit Program about 1 month ago and am extremely pleased. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and.. was.. looking for an exercise tape that would help reverse this disease. I have been pretty active all my life, using various exercise tapes, (Leslie Sansone, Jane Fonda, Gilad Jankowitz, etc) but I find your tapes to be even more effective. I still use some of the others for variety, but your tapes are now my main exercise routine.*

Terry V.
Syosset, NY
Hi Susan,

Just wanted you to know that I've been using your Cardio video regularly.....
I thought I'd tell you that one of the things I enjoy about this video is that it's only 1/2 hour. That makes me think "oh, I'll do it, it only takes 1/2 hour" *

Thank you,
Cape Cod, MA