Osteoporosis Exercise program
The Tone & Sculpt Program is an excellent 45 minute resistance training program designed to firm & tone all major muscle groups & strengthen your back. This flexible program allows you to vary the intensity to match your comfort level. It is a good choice for those who prefer to use a walking program or another cardio program on alternate days.

Tone & Sculpt DVD ($19.95)

Personal Fitness Exercise program
The Personal Fitness Program is intended for people who prefer a more gentle, seated program due to knee, back or other weakness. It is well suited for people that are not very active, are older, or overweight.

Personal Fitness With

Osteoporosis Exercise program
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Interval Circuit Training program
The Interval Circuit Training Program is an excellent combination routine that can help you prevent and or reverse the effects of osteoporosis*. This easy to follow, 45 minute workout, alternates between resistance training, with hand weights, and brief intervals of low impact, weight-bearing, Cardio movements.

Interval Circuit Training DVD ($19.95)

Cardio-Strengthening Exercise program
The Cardio-Strengthening Program is a quick 30 minute program that combines stretching & low-impact, weight-bearing, aerobic movements. This program is a good choice for active adults and when used in conjunction with our Tone & Sculpt program, it can help you prevent and / or reverse the effects of osteoporosis*.

Cardio-Strengthening DVD ($19.95)

Exercise Band
Latex Exercise Band is available with the following resistance levels:
  • 4 Foot Green, Medium Band w/ 8 lbs resistance
  • 4 Foot Yellow, Light/Medium Band w/ 6 lbs resistance

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Learn More About Osteoporosis The Importance of Exercise for those with Arthritis Learn why some people age faster than others
Customer Comments - Note: individual results may vary*
Hi, Susan:
I have your Cardio DVD. Its great and I love it; it has been exceedingly helpful for me....
I am so glad and grateful for your DVD. It feels wonderful to be able to move again - and without pain.*

Myrna S
Middleton, WI
Dear Susan,
I feel like I know you. I have completed my 15th week of exercise using your Interval
Circuit Program . . . . I really love it.
this exercise is just right for my needs. I really like your manner and direction.*

Thank you so much..
Kitty C
Palm Beach Gardens
Dear Susan

I have been using two of your DVDs (Cardio & the Tone and Sculpt) for the past few months. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the workouts and your guidance!. At 61, I found I was miserable using high impact workout DVDs with obnoxious music.. . . . .
I found Be Fit Over Fifty online and I am thrilled and delighted each time I do your workouts. I find I actually look forward to doing the exercise and always feel better after I finish. This says a lot! .. . . . . the music is great and your style works for me! . . . . .

Thank you so very much for putting together a gentle but vigorous program that is so pleasant to use!*
Thank you.

First I ordered the Interval Training, loved it. Ordered Tone and Sculpt and loved it, too. Now I'm ordering the Cardio. This is the only exercise I have ever stuck with! Ever.*

Ann R
Kemah, TX
I have been using a (Tone & Sculpt) tape for years now,. . The exercises are great!*

Thank you.:
Gladys F.
Auburn, CA
Hi Susan.

I have been using your Tone and Sculpt, and Interval Circuit training dvd's, for the past two months and I love them.
They are the only one's that I find easy to follow, are fun to do, and I actually look forward to following them every morning. I feel great, have noticed that my neck and shoulders are now showing some definition: good for those summer dresses and bathing suits!
I have just ordered the Cardio and am looking forward to incorporating that into my routine as well.
I am 57, and learned that it is never too late to start...

Thank you again, I appreciate all that you have done.*
Pat W.
Hamilton, Ontario
Dear Susan,

I wish I had started your program 10 years ago, but never too late! I've passed on your web address to many people and plan also to tell my doctor about your DVDs.

Again, my thanks for being my exercise guide. I feel so much stronger, have more energy, and sleep better than I did before starting your program. Who can ask for more?*


Thank you for your programs!
I work in an office, which means I sit a lot. I have used the Cardio one day
and the Tone & Sculpt another day for a number of months now. I am staying in shape because of them and appreciate that I don't get injuries. I am so pleased that I can see some muscles on my back (!) and feel so much more energetic.

Sincere thanks. .  for such a well-rounded and efficient exercise program.*
Nancy Fre....
Montreal, Canada
Susan - this is my birthday and this morning I exercised to your wonderful
Interval Circuit Training dvd. . ..  Just want to let you know from the
other side of the planet (New Zealand) how delightful I find your exercise
routines and the way you teach them.

I have just ordered the Cardio/Aerobic DVD and I am not a person who
usually likes exercise - so thank you!*

Lots of appreciation and warm greetings from NZ - Mary
Just want to tell you again how much I am enjoying exercising with you every
day except Saturday!  Formerly I was exercising with my Aerobics class for 8
years Tuesday and Thursday mornings ... now I'm proud to be exercising 6
days a week ... Cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tone and Sculpt on
Tuesday and Thursday; Interval Circuit on Sunday!!

Loving it!!

My pulse is down to a count of 27 (from 30 when I started). . . .  since
doing the Tone/Sculpt and Circuit programs (my shoulders are stronger now).

You are so easy to follow and I really enjoy completing each DVD.

Thanks again for a wonderful program!!*

Boynton Beach, FL
Received the (Cardio and Tone) dvds... am very pleased with them. The pace is slow enough to keep up with yet fast enough to be challenging. Through the years I have purchased numerous exercise tapes/dvds and have so often been disappointed because they were either boring or too difficult to keep up with... yours are neither.  The 30 minutes pass before I know it... and I love the music. I would highly recommend them to anyone.*

Carolyn B.
Mammoth Spring, AR
Hi Susan,
I have all your tapes but one, I love the variety, and I do a different one each night. Your attention to how we are doing each exercise is great... for once in my life (I am 54 yrs old) I am finally learning how to exercise properly and slowly.*

A thousand thank you's

Pat M.
Palmyra, NJ

I purchased your (cardio, tone & sculpt &, interval) videos last May and began working out with them, alternating days.

I watched my diet and kept working out with your tapes. By September, I had lost 15 lbs., trimmed out my upper body, and gained muscle strength. I just bought a DVD...

I have tried "other" senior fitness tapes but found them lacking. I like the fact that you do a thorough warm up, exercise routine, and cool down.

I have referred many people to your website, and wish you on going success...*

Lynda S.
Chapel Hill, NC

I love all the DVD's because I can perform the routines without feeling exhausted yet feel challenged. It's a joy to finish a DVD and think "I can do this". The DVD's are balanced just right. You are also great at reminding us to keep our alignment and breathing during the exercises.
I'm telling my doctor about these DVD's so she can recommend them to other fibromyalgia patients.*

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Deb L.
Concord, NH

I love the Tone & Sculpt dvd, looking forward to using the cardio one too!*

Thanks, it is the only exercise I can stick to.
Mae S.
Parsippany, NJ

I want to start off by saying that your website has been a godsent for me. I am a mother who has had to work off the weight I've gained over the years, and your website and products keep me motivated... Your DVDs have helped me tremendously.*

Thanks for all your help,
Erica Jones
Hi Susan, I received my Be Fit Over Fifty Interval training video and I love it. I am 59 but have been a couch potato for the last couple of years... I came across your videos and decided to give one a try. I'm a morning person, but have a crazy cat that likes to be fed at 4:30 a.m. I used to feed her and then go back to bed until 5:30. Now, I use that hour to do my workout. I'm up anyway so why not!! It is perfect for me because it allows me to exercise, shower and get ready for work and still get here in a timely fashion. I've also been inspired to make better choices in my diet and just plain feel better all around...

Thanks again for this great video for us folks over 50.*
Terry S
Harrisburg, PA
Hi Susan,

Received my Tone & Sculpt DVD. Was very pleased with it.
THANK you for your web site and your wonderful DVD's. I can already see an improvement in myself.*

Yours truly,
Shirley S.
Cleveland, OH

I bought this Interval video several years ago and now my daughter, who works in her husband's church, has one, and this (order) is for my daugher-in-law... We all love the (Interval) video.*

Mary J.
Tempe, AZ

Your voice is so soothing when I am doing the exercises and the music is great. Thanks a lot.*

Shirley H.
Liberty, NC
Dear Susan,

Your customer service is flawless. I got my dvds (Interval, Cardio & Tone) and have been using them for the last two weeks. THANK YOU!! They are such a nice blend of strength, flexibility and cardio for me. I love that I am making my knees stronger without stressing them....... It is THE ideal workout for any person who wants to take care of themselves.*

Laurie B.
Colorado Department of Public Health, Denver
Hi Susan:

I just wanted to let you know I recently received your cardio and tone & sculpt tapes and could not be happier.
The tapes are so easy to follow. I'm not new to exercising however, I have never found any tapes I actually enjoyed doing until now.
Your instructions are great and I love the music. Thanks !*

Karen A.
Brockton, Massachusetts
Dear Susan:

I received your(Cardio & Tone) tapes so quickly in the mail and started using them immediately. I cannot tell you how much better I feel already! It's only been two weeks and I have so much more energy. I was so happy to find exercise tapes designed for people with osteoporosis.........*

Nancy O.
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

I love your DVDs - they are perfectly suited to my
needs - thank you!*

Once again, thank you!!!!
Lori L.
North Fork, CA
Hi Susan,

I received my order yesterday (Interval, Cardio & Tone)and was able to work out last night.
I really appreciate your concern and promptness with your order and reply.*
Thank you so much for your help.

Beverly S.
Greenwell Springs, LA
Dear Susan,

I am an active, 61 year old female. I'm in the early stages of osteoporosis; I take care of my 2 yr. old grandchild and also help care for my mother in law. I don't have time to go to a gym or go for long walks, so your tapes are just what I have been looking for. I am using your Tone & Sculpt tape and it really works for me.

G. E.
Beaumont, Texas

Received my Personal Fitness tape.....
I Love this tape very much.*

Thank you,
Georgene C. G.
Archbald, PA
Dear Susan:

Three years ago I was told I have osteoporosis in my hip and osteopenia in my spine.......ten months ago I started your "Tone and Sculpt" program. I did it four times a week and three months later sent away for your "Cardio-strengthening" tape. Your calm, gentle voice walks me through the exercises....I don't feel stressed doing them like some other exercise tapes. I do your "Tone and Sculpt" three days a week and your "Cardio-Strengthening" the other three days.......

Thank you so much for your training and life saving exercises. I also have firmed up and feel so much better. I tell everyone about your website and hope they will make the time for themselves as I have. One hour a day is so little to give ourselves.. I will never stop using your exercises, they are part of my life style..... I am 63 years young and bless the day I found your website... I know I will have you and your tapes in my life forever.....they have helped me so much with my health problems.*

Jo Barbera
New Port Richey, FL
Hi Susan,
I want to thank you for the fast shipping and also for the information you sent with the exercise video.*

Thank you again,
~Lori E.~
Emporium, PA
Thank you for the great service. My (Cardio) DVD came very quickly... I have used it three times this week and am very pleased.*

Thank you,
Rosemary R.
Tavares, FL
Dear Susan,

I bought the Interval Circuit program and love it. I live where I would rather not walk, so the video is what I was looking for. At 59 I have Osteoporosis & value the information enclosed with your product.*

Linda K.
Lincoln, NE
To: BeFitOverFifty,
The Handwriting improvement program is very needed since my handwriting is unreadable to me from Parkinson's. I was a teacher and had to take disability for lack of handwriting. Thanks for including it!!*

Beverly B.
Stockbridge, GA
Susan, I have LOVED your Tone and Sculpt video. It has been a good option on days when I can't make it to the pool for water aerobics or the weather is too bad for walking. It usually means I manage to exercise everyday with variety. I look forward to adding the Cardio fitness...

Thank you for such an enjoyable tape.*
Marianne S.
To BeFitOverFifty,
My wife loves your (Interval) DVD..... Thanks for your prompt & efficient service.*

Mike T. Oliver
To: Susan

I want you to know that I received the Therapeutic Fitness video. My daughter got a kick out of the video's title, "Fit Over 50." I turned 42 yesterday and have being living w/ Parkinson since 38. I already previewed the video. I know it's going to help me lots. Tomorrow I'll start the exercise program. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I've been looking for one for over a year and no one knew of one. Just by pure coincidence I saw it on the Internet. And...of course I had to buy it.*

Carmen R.
Orlando, FL
To: Susan

I purchased your Tone & Sculpt, Interval Circuit Program and Cardio Strengthening Program about 1 month ago and am extremely pleased. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and as soon as I found that out, I got on my computer, looking for an exercise tape that would help reverse this disease. I have been pretty active all my life, using various exercise tapes, (Leslie Sansone, Jane Fonda, Gilad Jackowitz, etc but I find your tapes to be even more effective. I still use some of the others for variety, but your tapes are now my main exercise routine.*

Terry V.
Syosset, NY
Dear Susan,
I am enjoying the (Tone & Sculpt) tape very much. I especially like using the two pound weights. I've had these weights in the drawer and never knew what to do with them. It is just what I have been looking for.*

Thanks again.
Leah F.
Lacombe, LA
To: Susan

My husband, recently received a (Personal Fitness) video from you. The content of the video is excellent and we really want to use it to exercise together as often as possible. It appears to be a very good thing for us 'older folk'.*

Thank you.
Janet and Paul M.
Vancouver, BC

Thank you for making exercise so enjoyable, and worthwhile!*

Phyllis Anne S.
Naples, FL

The (Cardio & Interval Circuit)Tapes arrived today and they are just fine.
I have already started using them.*

Thank you so much...
Jan D.
Prescott Valley, AZ
To: Susan

Hi Susan
Still using your (Tone & Sculpt) tape (over 1 year) and I still love it.
What do you think of ......*

As always thank you
Dolores C.
Brighton, MA
To: Susan

Thank you so much!
The video and bands came in the mail yesterday - what fast, quick service!
We are excited to start our program and will more than likely work into your next video also.*

Thank you so much!
Linda B.
Garland, TX
To: Susan

Thanks for your great customer service!!*
Dennis A.
Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Hi Susan,

Thanks for your nice note and thanks for being concerned for women in our age do a great job for us over-50's.....without intimidating us.
I really am enjoying the (Cardio & Tone & Sculpt) tapes.. My time to exercise is about 5 a.m., before work; it really makes the day better...... It's no problem for me to get up and exercise at 5 and your tapes really make it so enjoyable !*

All the Best,
Austell, GA
Dear Susan,

I have been working with your Personal Fitness video for almost two weeks now and I find I couldn't get along without it.
I am 70 years old and still working as a massage therapist.
It was getting a little tough doing deep work but in just this short time I have improved by strength and my touch.
I had a nurse in for an hour massage yesterday with pain in her shoulders that no one else could help. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to help her either but when I was finished she was delighted with the results.
I am much stronger than I was 2 weeks ago, and the hour of the massage goes by so much faster than it used to.
I give all the credit to my new fitness video.*
Thank you very much.

Shirley D.
Burlington, CT
Hi Susan,

I just finished looking at the Cardio video. It's perfect........
The music is terrific.......
I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am with it.*

Thank you !
M. D.
Naples, FL
Hi Susan,

I just purchased one of your(Personal Fitness) videos.
I have been looking high & low for a fitness tape like this & couldn't
find one anywhere. I even looked on the internet before & could not find one. I just happened to find you ?*

Thank you,
Lakewood, CA
Hi Susan,

I have received and viewed your (Personal Fitness) video. I'm going to really like using it. I do really appreciate it.....and I will order again .*

Corvallis, OR
Dear Susan,

I just ran the Tone & Sculpt tape and it's great too...... I know I am
going to enjoy doing both of the tapes I bought and can only say
again how happy I am with them.....*

Naples, FL
Hi Susan:

I just received the (Therapeutic Fitness) tape for my mother......she
has had a stroke and is so anxious to try this tape. Thank you for getting the tape to us so quickly......I was very surprised when it came Saturday....*

Thank You,
Burney, CA
Hi Susan,

I love your (Tone & Sculpt) tape.
The tape is great and thanks so much for your help....
It is really a good tape because it just gives you enough....
I am 65...... I hate going to gyms etc...
I don't feel they concentrate on one person.....*

Thank You
Brighton, MA
Hi Susan,

Just wanted you to know that I've been using your Cardio video regularly.....
I thought I'd tell you that one of the things I enjoy about this video is that it's only 1/2 hour. That makes me think "oh, I'll do it, it only takes 1/2 hour"*

Thank you,
Cape Cod, MA